J-6 Freightways maroon truck used for freight services in EdmontonWhy Choose Us Over Other Companies?

There is a reason why companies of all sizes in the Edmonton area choose us to ship their goods. Our commitment to high quality customer service and making your deliveries arrive on time is our main priority.
Here are some additional reasons why our customers to call us:

  • We firmly believe we are your best option for overnight freight delivery
  • We are family owned and operated and treat all of our clients like part of the family
  • We have more than a decade of experience
  • We service many areas in Edmonton and the surrounding area
  • We have multiple truck options such as reefer vans, dry vans, and flat decks

We are always happy to talk with your about your delivery options. We want to help you maximize the efficient of your deliveries. This is why we are one of the preferred companies. We always have our customer’s best interests in mind. We share your success and will do what it takes to help you be successful.